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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Why you generally shouldn't drive out of your way to get cheaper petrol.

This past week there's been a large price difference in petrol between where I live and the Springvale area. Where I live the price of unleaded petrol was around 120-122, and in Springvale the price was (and still is) 111.9. That's around 10 cents a litre saving.

Is it worth driving to get the cheaper petrol?

The return distance would be 49 km. If I put this into the Petrol Cost Calculator for a full tank, which for me is 50 km, the cost of petrol for the trip would be $7.49. The savings in petrol at 10 cents a litre would be $5. This shows it certainly isn't worth the trip and doesn't take into account the time spent driving or the extra car usage.

On Thursday I'll be in Glen Waverley which is much closer. Petrol in the area has now dropped to 114.9. The return distance to the Springvale service station is 14.2 km. Again using the Petrol Cost Calculator, the petrol cost of driving the distance is $2.17. The saving at now 3 cents per litre for 50 litres, is only $1.50, so again not worthwhile.

Making a small detour as your driving to save money on petrol may be a good strategy to reduce petrol costs, but making a large trip even for what looks like a large price difference may cost more than it is worth. Even a trip out from home and back to fill up for the next day, whilst may appear to be a small trip, is costing money.

Planning your trips and picking up petrol whilst your out and not making specific trips to get petrol is often a better strategy than making trips specifically for petrol.

To help plan your trips you can use sites like Petrol Prices Melbourne. On the Petrol Melbourne site there's a DIY page which lists sites and strategies that can help save money on petrol.

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Summary panel added to Petrol Prices Melbourne

I've now reorganised the summary information on the Petrol Prices Melbourne page into a single summary panel.

Want to know that state of play of petrol prices in Melbourne. A quick view of the summary panel will let you know the average, minimum, maximum and trend for the petrol stations I'm entering. In addition, the average terminal gate price is provided. The average terminal gate price is important, as once the average petrol price drops to around the average terminal gate price, we know to watch out for the coming price hike.

Hopefully the new panel will give readers a fast single glance summary of the current petrol price market.

Kelvin Eldridge

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Lower prices in Springvale, Keysborough, Waverley Gardens area.

The current price around Melbourne is around the 120+ mark. Around the Springvale, Keysborough area there are prices around 111.9, 112.9. This includes Woolworths Petrol and 7/11. The Woolworths discount can reduce the price even further, whilst if you're travelling through the area, you can lock in the lower price for use at a more convenient time.

Kelvin Eldridge

Welcome to the Petrol Prices Melbourne blog. The news site for Petrol Prices Melbourne.

I'd like to welcome readers to the Petrol Prices Melbourne blog. The aim of this blog is to share information about petrol prices in Melbourne, which I feel may be of interest to others.

A few examples that come to mind are:
  • Alerting everyone when petrol prices spike
  • Letting people know if there's pockets around Melbourne where petrol prices are particularly low
  • Letting people know specific petrol stations which often have better prices
Visit this blog or subscribe if you feel the news may assist you to save money on petrol.

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Kelvin Eldridge